The Apartment Complex


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released July 1, 2014

All songs written, performed and produced by Evan Michael Brown.

Mastered by Johannes Raassina

A Trombadon Records release.




EVBRO Los Angeles, California

EVBRO is a composer/songwriter/guitarist. His guitar playing was featured in the cultural phenom video game Guitar Hero as well as the the slightly-less-of-a-phenom Sony/Screen Gems film The Roommate as a member of Shaimus. Now he's struck out on his own to write alt-rock songs. Actually, "struck out" really isn't a very flattering phrase to use here, is it? It's say "blazed an intrepid new path." ... more

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Track Name: One Side Of The Story
As I make pain poetic
Results could well be pathetic
The view from the other side
Is the one I want to know

I tell my tales of glory
But it's just one part of the story
If I knew the other side
Then I may not feel so good inside

I want to feel the way I made you feel
So purely
If truth can set me free
Then frame of mind
Can cure me

I give the world my explanation
But there's no cross-examination
I get to plead my case
And you never get to set it straight

I take no pride
What I say is true
They're on my side
Nothing I can do
This whole thing
Is mine to lose

There's no way to be objective
But I could sure use some perspective
Track Name: Never Really There
Silence fills my ears
And time is at a crawl
What was once complete
Now is nothing at all

You said no more
I was so sure
You can only turn it off
If it was never really there

Far away from where
I felt safe before
Don't invite me in
If you're just gonna slam the door

You gave me a hollow
Pill to swallow
You can only turn your back
If you were never really there

Bury me under a thousand distant words
As you grow small
And disappear
Like you were never really here
Track Name: No Home But Here
Inside a ring of my own making
Find myself here time and again
With scattered pieces left to sift through
I walk in circles that will never end

Searching for peace in every corner
Under my feet and from above
Waiting my turn, but the line goes on for miles
And the people all around me push and shove

I have no land, but the ground I walk on
I have no safehouse, in from the clear
There is no place that I can fall back on
I have no home but here

Along a shaky bridge I wander
Nightmares can guess at what's below
No turning back, and even if I reach the end
There's no guarantee of what I'd have to show

I close my fist but nothing's in my hand
With fingers clenched, I'm making my demand

I lie awake at night and wonder
I look for light in every day
With every dusk comes the writing on the wall
With dawn another slate that's wiped away
Track Name: Emily
Were you disappointed when I made that choice?
Sitting on my shoulder I could hear your voice

Emily, I thought you'd never leave
You're part of me, but I feel so relieved

After all this time I felt resigned to fate
This must be what it feels like to stand up straight

You have your place
But your name was written on my face

I needed space
My guilt was written on my face

Shaking off the rust but its a welcome change
Excorcised your demon now I turn the page

Emily, I thought you'd never leave
You're part of me, but I feel so relieved
Loving you, it feels like years ago
Now it's true, I've finally let you go
Track Name: No One Like You
If I had a job to do, now it seems so clear
Preserving what was lost
If it's harder than before, I won't shed a tear
It's worth the extra cost
'Cause I have nowhere to go from here
But straight up

'Cause I used up all that I knew
Before I happened upon
What would prove to be true
And I wanna keep feeling new
Don't wanna see when you're gone
There'll be no one like you

If I had to use my head, the cynic would hold true
Cause nothing lasts for good
I could ruin everything if I just think it through
Anybody could
So I want to be here with you right now
And that's all

I could see me getting dragged through hell
I could leave today and save myself
Why should I preoccupy my time
Fearing what could no longer be mine

If I had it up to here, would I call it off?
It doesn't matter
Track Name: Under The Thumb
Manic episode
Out on the road
In another world
They secure the locks
You think inside the box
Out on your own
Sheltered and grown

But you are living

Under the thumb
Over the top
You're made to look like fools
Though you're playing dumb
More often than not
You don't even know the rules
Of the game you're playing
Pieces straying
Aimlessly across the board
You don't need it anymore

You'll accept no blame
It's all the same
Through robotic eyes
Nothing personal
It's just what I saw
I wish it was fair
So unaware

That you are living...
Track Name: Just One More Time
Shouldn't pay for someone else's past
It's hard to avoid when all the old scars last
All of the lessons I've learned
So many ways I've gotten burned

But just one more time
I'll let myself believe the lies
I'll give it one last try
Cause it's time I got this right

Shield myself from anything invasive
But loneliness and love are equally persuasive
I'm getting harder to crack
I hope there's a way of going back

Can't let things come undone
I'm the only one
In my hands, all or none
I'm the only one

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