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released June 1, 2014

All songs written, performed and produced by Evan Michael Brown.

Mastered by Johannes Raassina.

A Trombadon Records release.




EVBRO Los Angeles, California

EVBRO is a composer/songwriter/guitarist. His guitar playing was featured in the cultural phenom video game Guitar Hero as well as the the slightly-less-of-a-phenom Sony/Screen Gems film The Roommate as a member of Shaimus. Now he's struck out on his own to write alt-rock songs. Actually, "struck out" really isn't a very flattering phrase to use here, is it? It's say "blazed an intrepid new path." ... more

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Track Name: Find Your Way
You wonder which way you are leaning
Could there possibly be meaning
With sadness spreading like a cancer
Why are there so many questions without answer

And you know we're all the same
And life is not a race
And you know nobody's perfect
But your heart's in the right place

So take my hand, there's much to learn
The wind will bite, the sun will burn
You've waited so long for your turn
But don't forget, you'll find your way

Who'll be helping you along
Is there such thing as right and wrong
When reflections show your face
Do you wonder when it all will fall in place

And you know there's more to life
Than meets the naked eye
And I know you'll say hello
Until it's time to say goodbye
Track Name: Give In
Thrown off course and wandering about
Poison in the cup from which I drink
Looming like a shadow of doubt
Faith unshaken never made me think

In the end, how will I be found?
Empty pill bottles scattered on the ground?
How fitting is the is the fate that bears my name?
Can it ever be changed?

Even though a heart that is full
Still should feel as if it's light as air
I can feel the dull, constant pull
Of a heaviness that lingers there

But I never want to put this weight on you
Used to think that there was nothing I could do
I can only hope to keep the beast at bay
'Cause it won't
Go away
No it won't

I'm head to head with a villain so vile
A flash of rage and a half-crooked smile
I must give in every once in a while

Motionless when push comes to shove
Concrete shoes grow roots into the ground
Sleepless, searching for moments of
Clarity in darkened lost and founds

Just like you, but kindred in no way
If you saw inside you'd surely look away
And that's why I am alone among a crowd
Even when I cry out loud
Track Name: Slow Burn
I'm just a puppet on the end of my arm
The felt can tear but it will cause me no harm
Until I go, I'll just enjoy the show
Until that final curtain's closed

I run my hand through a ribbon of time
I sift my fingers through pure liquid life
And when my time's up
I'm not sure where I'll wind up
After that final curtain's closed

Bask in the glow of your own warm return
Our souls explode in a deep, slow burn

I hope my script's on a well-written page
To do good work standing under the stage
To be inspired, although my arms are tired
Until that final curtain's closed
Track Name: From A Mile Away
Everything you call me, is the real me in your mind
What you say is what I am, there's no way to deny
A sinner once, a saint the next
It all begins in truth
What more can I say

Everyone I meet just seems to want a different man
I've tried to give them what they want, I'm not sure if I can
Something screams, and it cries foul
Impostor is revealed
Down goes my charade
From a mile away

You were wrong, and you were right
We may not know just when
Now I want to know if it's all right
If we begin again/for us to start again

Anyone who wants to find a way can still get in
But it's an uphill battle, I don't know where to begin
And in the end, I'm on display although I try to hide
Spotted, clear as day
From a mile away

Knee-deep in rising water
Wondering who is to blame
Once we go down that road
We'll never be the same
Track Name: Waiting To Move
A long time ago
Not far away
I laid it out
Nothing more to say
I felt myself
Losing control
That's when I first dug the hole

Morning had come
As it likes to do
New milestones
Set in my view
Said my goodbyes
And walked all the day
But they just seem further away

I can't say it's a matter
Of just finding my groove
Cause she's moved on at least half a dozen times
And I'm still waiting to move

Seasons have passed
Years have gone by
They wonder when
While I wonder why
All it would take
Is a sign of good will
But I'm the only one standing still

It's no longer a matter
Of just finding my groove
Cause she's moved on at least half a dozen times
And I'm still waiting to move
Track Name: Big Sur
As the days unfold
As the sun goes down, and the warm turns to cold
I can say I had the chance to know
What it felt like to be with you

You may not see me now
Like you did before, but I'm glad anyhow
Cause what I might have lost can never be
Taken away from me

I won't ever complain
You have given me even more
Than I ever thought to ask you for

I'll look back with a smile
I still feel your warmth at the 26th mile
I'll remember how you gave me
The beauty I saw from afar

I don't care where it goes
As long as you are the one who knows
That you'll always be a part of me

As the leaves turn to gold
In another place you'd like to call home
All that I could want for you
Is for your heart to be full

I won't ever complain
That things just won't be the same as before
Cause you have given me even more
Than I ever thought to ask you for
Track Name: On The Edge
Another day
As far away
As every day before and
I won't cross the line again
I'm pulled away every time

All of my dreams
Just out of reach
I burst at the seams from grasping air
Though I can see it's all right there
It just never comes to be
Still it all comes down to me

Each day I'm
Taunted by destiny
But who's to say I've
Gone the right way
I swing in perpetual motion
And as time crawls by
I'm still the same
I'm still the same
I'm in the same place

I was alone
Pushing the stone
Endlessly up the hill
Now please
Tell me that I'll someday break free
And I'll find some reprieve/release
Still it all comes down to me
Track Name: Memoriam
I wish that you could show
The things that you must know
Seems a far cry
But it's something that I
Never will outgrow

Your smile still softly gleams
When you visit me in dreams
It's time well spent
To my heart's content
Real as it still seems

With every winking moon
Each lazy afternoon
It might seem long
But it helps keep me strong
To know I'll see you soon

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